May 30, 2023


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Best Fruits To Consume If We Have Post Prandial Blood Sugar

Diabetes may be one of the most prevalent health conditions in the world, but it can easily be controlled with the right lifestyle. Once we learn about the patterns of our blood sugar, it becomes simpler and more effective to figure out what works best for our blood glucose. Among different types of diabetes, type 2 can be managed with dietary moderations and timely intake of insulin.

However, has a distinct connection to our health regime. It can be defined as the level of glucose in our blood after we eat or drink something. It indicates our metabolic rate and its impact on the body. Post-prandial blood glucose can also be explained as the concentration of glucose till the 4 hours after our previous meal.

Once our body starts to digest the food, the breakdown of glucose and fructose begins and leads to glucose absorption in the blood. Since our body also produces Glucose to balance the consistency of blood sugar levels, the additional amount of glucose can result in major health issues such as hyperglycemia.

Here’s How Post Prandial Blood Sugar Affects Metabolism

Should I control my carb consumption? Is apple good for diabetes? These questions become more relevant when we work on our diets to curb glucose levels. Besides, our body becomes prone to metabolic syndrome if we have consistently high blood sugar levels. The situation can be dire if we are dealing with post-prandial blood glucose. Simply put, post-prandial blood sugar can put us at a high risk of hemoglobin A1c or HbA1c even if we don’t have diabetes.

According to studies held by reputed healthcare organizations, the post-prandial condition of a person can drastically slacken the metabolic function. While fasting has its notable influence on lowering blood sugar, it doesn’t suffice for long-running outcomes. Though, several routine modifications and diet changes allow us to control postprandial glucose rise and reverse type 2 diabetes effectively.

In addition to regular physical activities, we can also consider replacing our snacks with healthier alternatives and assimilating fruits with low GI in our meals. In this post, we will provide a list of the best fruits to eat when while trying to control postprandial glucose:

Different types of fruits - Post Prandial Blood Sugar

Best Fruits for Post Prandial Blood Sugar

Sugar content – 10g/100g, GI – 36

Is apple good for diabetes? It’s a question many people wonder about. Interestingly, the apple is counted amongst the best fruits for post-prandial blood sugar level control, given its GI which is lower than 55.

Sugar content – 9g/100g, GI – 34

To make our meals healthier and slightly more exciting, we can add apricot to our meals and expect great benefits with our blood glucose results. Dried apricots with a glycemic index of 30 can also be a considerable choice.

Sugar content – 4-5g/100g, GI – 53

Fresh blueberries have always been in the good books of people with diabetes due to their impeccable taste and effect on the absorption of insulin in the body. We can add it to our breakfast to obtain energy and antioxidants from it.

Sugar content – 0.66g/100g, GI – 15

Avocado is the touchstone of every diet plan, and we can eat it in different ways. A sunny-side-up egg with cut-up avocado slices or guacamole with kale chips is the perfect recipe for a hearty snack.

Sugar content – 4.9g/100g, GI – 25

Individuals with diabetes have multiple choices of fruits to make their food more interesting without causing spiked post prandial blood sugar. Blackberry fruit with its effectively low sugar content is one of them.

Sugar content – 7g/100g, GI – 25

When we crave something juicy, flavourful, and healthy, we can pick a grapefruit to curb the cravings and enjoy it as a fruit or fresh juice.

Sugar content – 8.1g/100g, GI – 42

There are certain fruits with distinctly great taste and low sugar content that we can add to a bowl of oatmeal. Peach is one such fruit with remarkably low sugar content that doesn’t cause a rise in postprandial glucose.

Sugar content – 5g/100g, GI – 41

If we want to consume some fruit to get vitamin C but don’t like oranges, strawberries are the perfect fruit replacement. There are plenty of ways to enjoy strawberries as a healthy snack or an energy-filled breakfast.


These are the fruits we can add to our meals or replace unhealthy and over-processed snacks to control postprandial blood sugar and lead a diabetes-free life. In addition to watching what to eat, we must be careful with what not to eat, and what to eat in moderation. Apples are good for diabetes, but dried fruits, dates, bananas, pineapple, and watermelon are some fruits that we should avoid or limit the quantity before consumption.