June 2, 2023


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Natural Detoxification Programs

Colon cancer is a dangerous disease that occurs as a result of malignant tumors developed in the colon chord. Once it spreads, it could lead to death of the person. Colon cancer can be cured by a method called colon cleansing detox therapy.

Four essential things for the colon cleansing are; a capsule called Paranil, colonic cleansing powder, water and Kleri tea.

The first phase of the therapy is to take 2 capsules of Paranil in empty stomach and by drinking a large amount of water.

The second phase is to take the colonic cleansing powder after 15 minutes of taking paranil. It could provide more effective if the powder is mixed with fruit juice while taking it. A large amount of water has to be taken as the flushing out of toxins requires a large amount of water. Else dehydration occurs.

The third phase is taking a mixed bag of Kleri tea, before going to bed. This tea helps in building up the digestive system and increases the flushing of toxins from the colon. This method has to be followed for 3 more months for better results.

Fruit juices are the best detox agents. They are rich in enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants. These three are very essential for the inner organs to eliminate the toxins from our body and to stable the health. Also vegetables can be used as well. Fruits are rich in nutrients and they get easily digested and assimilated by body very quickly. The antioxidants present in them fight fatigue and heavy metals like mercury toxins in order to remove them completely.